We need more nature conservation areas to strengthen carbon sinks and biodiversity. Climate Forest is a nature conservation association which started from a single facebook post. The association organizes through social media and its membership fees are used in full for buying forests or lands to be protected. Climate Forest association strengthens Finland’s carbon sinks, reduces the carbon footprint of its members and develops civic activities/activity to reduce global warming.

Climate Forest acquires land and protects its ecosystem. We can let forest grow and turn carbon into oxygen, instead of cutting it. Behind the association is a Facebook group called Luonnonsuojelualueen perustaminen kiinnostaa (“Interested in founding a nature reserve”) which was started in November 2018.  

Hässjeholmen, Climate Forest’s first conservation area:

Hässjeholmen is an island of one hectare near Vaasa, in Särkimo, Vöyri. It is surrounded by over a hectare of alluvion.

Hässjeholmen has storm-cut tree logs, eastern rockline and plenty of deciduous trees. There are no buildings on the island. It is a summer paradise for birds and animals. The island has previously been used as sheep pasture, as most islands in the region. Next the association produces a protection plan for the area and seeks official protection for the island.

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