Become a member of Climate Forest by paying a subscription fee to Climate Forest.

Payment details:
To: Ilmastometsä ry
Account number: FI93 7997 7996 8966 14
Amount: 40€
Message: Residential and email address (replace @ sign with _at_)

By joining Climate forest, you join us with founding a nature reserve. By joining you will also get to be a part of a community of people who are interested in protecting nature and reducing global warming. The 40€ subscription fee includes the first year’s membership fee. Membership in the next year can be continued by paying an annual membership fee of a few euros. The amount of the membership fee is decided together at the annual meeting.

The subscription fees cover the purchase of nature reserves and membership fees cover the activities of the association and the maintenance of nature reserves. By paying the subscription fee, you agree to the association’s rules and your details (name, email address and residential area) will be added to the association’s membership register.

The association’s spring meetings will be held in March-May. Attendance at meetings and decision-making can be done remotely. Members of the association have the right to vote at the meetings of the association, as well as the right to attend and speak at the meetings of the board of the association.

Please read our rules here.