§1 Name and residential area of the association

Climate forest, Helsinki


2§ Purpose

The purpose of the association is to reduce the carbon footprint of its members and to support and develop civic activities/activity to reduce global warming.

To do this, the association acquires suitable land areas by purchasing, exchanging or receiving donations. The association protects and otherwise seeks to restore ecosystems of the areas.


3§ Members

A person who accepts the purpose and rules of the association may be accepted as a member of the association. The board of directors of the association make the decision on membership.

A private person or legal entity, that wishes to support the purpose and activities of the association can be accepted as a supporting member.

The members and supporting members will be approved via application and by the board of directors. 

A person who has significantly promoted and supported the activities of the association may be invited as honorary chairman or honorary member.


4§ Membership rights

Each member of the association has one vote.

Supporting members have the right to attend and speak, but not the right to vote.


5§ Obligations of a Member

The actual member is obliged to pay the subscription fee and the annual membership fee. The supporting member is obliged to pay the subscription fee and the annual supporting member fee. The honorable member and honorary member do not have a subscription fee or a membership fee.


6§ Resignation of a Member

A member has the right to resign from the association by notifying the board or its chairman in writing, or by announcing the resignation at the association meeting and it to be recorded in the minutes. A member is considered resigned if he or she has not paid the membership fee by the end of august of the year of operation.

  • 8 Board of the association

Affairs of the association handles the board and it is elected at the annual meeting. The board of the association consists of the chairman elected at the association meeting and at least four (4) and up to ten (10) actual members and one to four (1-4) deputy members. The Board elects from among its members a vice chairman and, from among its members or from outside the Board, a treasurer, secretary and other necessary officials. The term of office of the Board is the time between annual meetings.

The Board of Directors has a quorum when the Chairman or Vice Chairman and at least half of the other members of the Board are present. The Board of Directors’ decisions are made by a simple majority of votes. When the votes are even the chairman’s voice resolves, except in the case of personal selections. Members of the Board of Directors may also attend the Board meeting via a telecommunication connection. The members of the association can follow the board meeting via a telecommunication connection.

No meeting fee is paid from Board meetings. The items to be discussed at the meetings and related documents must be sent as an appendix with the meeting invitation.


9§ Writing name of the association

The name of the association is written by the chairman or vice chairman, either one with the secretary or the treasurer or with another member of the association chosen by the board.


10§ Accounting period

The financial year of the association is the calendar year.


11§ Operational inspection

The financial statements, together with the necessary documents and the annual report of the association, must be submitted to the operational inspectors no later than two months before the meeting at which the financial statements are approved. The operational inspectors shall submit their written statement to the Board of Directors at least one month before the meeting in question.


12§ Association meetings

The association holds one annual meeting in March-May. The members will be invited by email at least two weeks before the meeting. The Board draws up an action plan for the annual meeting. One can also participate in the annual meeting through the use of telecommunication connections. The items to be discussed at the meeting and related documents must be sent as an appendix with the meeting invitation.

Members of the association have one vote per person. Unless otherwise provided in the rules, the decisions of the association meeting shall be the opinion supported by more than half of the votes. If the votes are even, vote of the chairman of the meeting resolves. Still in the elections it is lottery, that decides the vote. 

If a member of the association wishes to receive a matter to be handled in the association’s annual meeting, he or she must inform the board in writing two weeks prior to the invitation.

The following matters are discussed in the association’s annual meeting:

-Opening of the meeting

-The chairman of the meeting, the secretary, two examiners of the minutes and two tellers will be elected

-The legality and quorum of the meeting are stated

-The agenda of the meeting is approved

-Presentation of the financial statements, the annual report and the auditors’ statement

-Approval of the financial statements and discharge to the Board of Directors and other accountable persons

-Strengthen the action plan and budget

-Confirmation of subscription fee and membership fee for members and the amount of supporting subscription fee and supporting membership fee

-The chairman of the association and other members of the board are elected to the Board of Directors

-Selection of two activity auditors and the deputy auditors to review the accounts for the current financial year

-Other items on the agenda will be dealt with

An extra meeting can be arranged in addition to the annual meeting. An extra meeting shall be convened by the Board of Directors or a majority of members no later than two weeks before the date of the meeting. The items to be discussed at the meeting and related documents must be sent as an appendix with the meeting invitation.


13§ Financial activities

The areas acquired by the association are the property of the association. An extra meeting will be held in order to acquire the areas, where the area to be acquired will be presented to the association. Members of the association can present area to be acquired to the board. In connection with the acquisition, a protection plan is made for the area. Acquisition of the area is decided and the plan approved by the association meeting.

Purchase of areas is covered by subscription fees and donations. The aim is to cover the running costs and maintenance of the areas mainly through membership fees. In order to support its activities, the association may apply for and receive scholarships and grants, as well as arrange cash collections, bailiffs and lotteries after having the appropriate license. The association’s operation is based on volunteering.


14§ Changing the Rules

The rules of the association may be amended by decisions made at two successive meetings, supported by at least two thirds of the votes cast at each meeting. Changes to the rules must be mentioned at the meeting invitation. The amendment will enter into force once it has been approved by the National Board of Patents and Registration.


15§ Dissolution of the association

If the association is dissolved or abolished, its assets will be donated to one of the purposes of the association. The donation will be decided at the association meeting. The dissolution of the association have to be mentioned at the meeting invitation. 

The decision to dissolve the association is valid only if at least three-quarters (¾) of the votes cast have supported it at two successive meetings, at least two weeks apart. If the association is dissolved or terminated, notice of termination must be given to the association register authorities.

Regards, Climate Forest Board: Anton Verho (Chairman), Viljami Lehtonen (Vice Chairman), Jaakko Latikka (Secretary), Linnea Jämsä (Communications Officer), Noora Kauppila, (Protection Officer), Antti Linnanvirta (Information Security Officer), Essi Turpeinen (Member responsible), Antti Seppänen (Deputy member), Samiira Abdullahi (Deputy member), Heli Hyytiä (Deputy, treasurer) and Ulla Montin (Deputy member)